Magenta Pink Sleek Bob Wig Cindy

Magenta Pink Sleek Bob Wig Cindy
Item# Wig-99-MG Cindy

Product Description

Vibrant magenta pink sleek bob wig Cindy with bangs and slight under-curl at the tips.
Silky, face framing chin length bob with rich bangs.

This wig features glossy magenta pink synthetic hair, top part and a lots of volume.

Cindy style is our best selling short hair synthetic wig and we offer it in 55 colors.

Our magenta pink Cindy wig features jewel rich pink hue and is often used in glamour photography.
Cindy wig in magenta is also great for costume creations, anime and cosplay, dance groups or entertainers.
It has been featured in fashion shows and magazines.

Length: 12.5"
Style: Cindy
Brand: Sepia