Neon and Rave Color Bob Wig Cindy

Neon and Rave Color Bob Wig Cindy
Item# Wig-99-RV Cindy

Product Description

Cindy wig with face framing bangs and straight hair.
Short bob wig with rich bangs and just below the chin length.
This wig features glossy synthetic hair in neon colors.

Cindy style is our best selling short hair synthetic wig and we offer it in 55 colors!

Bubblegum is vivid neon pink with light pink highlights.
Cindy wig in bubblegum color is perfect for Halloween costumes, fairy tale inspired looks like Strawberry Shortcake or Princess.
Great for rave and day-glo costumes.
Neon Green is vivid neon green/yellow.
Cindy bob wig in neon green has been a favorite choice for raves and Burning Man.
Perfect for day-glo Alice in Wonderland or acid Fairy Tale looks.
Night time party favorite.
Neon Orange is neon orange color.
Cindy wig in neon orange works well for rave and anime looks, cosplay and psychedelic fantasy costumes.
Orange is warmer tangerine color.

Our Cindy wig is popular for group competitions, sports events, Mardi Gras or Halloween costumes.
Stand out from the crowd in our Cindy wig in rave colors.

Length: 12.5"
Style: Cindy
Brand: Sepia