Ombre Colors of Bob Wig Cindy

Ombre Colors of Bob Wig Cindy
Item# Wig-99-OM Cindy

Product Description

Our Cindy wig with face framing bangs and straight hair in edgy ombre color blends.
Silky, face framing bob wig with rich bangs and below the chin length.
This wig features glossy synthetic hair in ombre color blends.

Cindy style is our best selling short hair synthetic wig and we offer it in 55 colors!

Blue Moon is an intense royal blue at the tips slowly deepening into midnight blue of the crown.
Cindy in Blue moon ombre color is a favorite Gothic or Victorian costume accessory and anime or cosplay wig.
Flamingo is incandescent neon pink gradually fading into light pink at the tips.
Cindy in Flamingo ombre color is perfect for rave looks, anime and cosplay inspired costumes.
Great for Gothic Lolita, too.
Lemon Drop is a riot of vibrant apple green exploding into neon yellow at the tips.
Cindy wig in Lemon Drop is frequently used by entertainers and at sports events.
This color has a great visibility and stands out in the crowd.
Black & White is a symmetrical half pitch black, half snow white wig.
Often used for Gothic, Victorian costumes, also for Cruella De Vil looks.
Dance and competition teams love this wig for it's use in symmetrical choreography.

Stand out from the crowd in our Cindy wig.

Length: 12.5"
Style: Cindy
Brand: Sepia