White Sleek Bob Wig Cindy

White Sleek Bob Wig Cindy
Item# Wig-99-SW Cindy

Product Description

White synthetic bob wig in adult size.
Silky, face framing bob wig with rich bangs and above the shoulders length.
This wig features glossy white synthetic hair, top part and nice volume.

Cindy style is our best selling short hair synthetic wig and we offer it in 55 colors!

Snow white is glossy white color.
It is popular for group competitions, sports events, Mardi Gras or Halloween.
Our White Cindy wig flatters warmth of your skin and makes your features and eye color stand out.
Cindy wig in white is popular for creating glamour looks and vogue costuming and it has been featured extensively in print and film.

Length: 12.5"
Style: Cindy
Brand: Sepia